Ka Series
Ultimate Model ,60cm Dish Diameter,Ka Band
Ultimate Model ,60cm Dish Diameter,Ka Band


Ultimate Model ,60cm Dish Diameter,Ka Band

- 3-Axis stabilized and 4-Axis tracking
- Azimuth unlimited
- Builtin Dual GPS Gyro
- Support Webpage Interface Function

- DC Motor with Brake
- Honey Comb Radome(Loss<0.2dB)



Mechanical Specification
Dish Diameter 60 cm(23.6”)
Radome Size 73 X 82.4 cm (28.7” X 32.4”)
Weight 45KG(99bs) (including ACU, LNB and 8W BUC)
Radome Material Honeycomb FRP
Antenna Stabilization
Operating Platform 3-Axis Stabilized + Auto Skew
Azimuth Range Unlimited
Cross Level Range ± 35°
Elevation Range -15° to 120°
Skew Range Automatic 0° to 90°
Position Acquisition Built in Gyro
Operating Specification
Rx Frequency 18.70 ~ 21.2 GHz
Rx Gain 39.6dBi @ 19.6GHz
Tx Frequency 28.5 ~ 31 GHz
Tx Gain 43.5dBi @ 30.2 GHz
Antenna Control Unit
Dimensions 48.2 X 30 X 4.5 cm
Weight 3 kg
Display 256 X 64 OLED
Power requirement 100-230VAC 50-60Hz
Working Environment
Operating Temperature -25° ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature -30° ~ 85°C
Humidity Up to 100% @ 40°C
Water Proof IP56

Technology & Feature


Unique tracking algorithm makes KINGSAT VSAT keep fast and stable tracking performance in different condition of sea.

Builtin GPS Gyro ensures fast tracking target satellite and keep pointing to direction of target satellite when blockage is between antenna and satellite.


Web Interface Function makes remote commissioning

and remote trouble shooting easilly.

One Button Switching to TVRO Mode is useful

function to easily verify hardware status.

Factory Environment

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