KINGSAT 2022 Induction Training For Newcomers


Setting sail together

 Building dreams together


Seizing the tail of June, not afraid of the hot summer, with a longing mood, KINGSAT sincerely welcome newcomers to join. We are looking forward to your better transformation.


Program Launch


In order to let everyone integrate into the work environment faster and adapt to the work position, KINGSAT held a new period of new staff professional training.


Ice-breaking interaction


‘We came from different boats but now we are in the same vessel’. KINGSAT has brought us together from all corners of the land. The first thing we did was grouping and introducing ourselves which helped us know each other better.


Lectures by the Director-Brooks Li


The Director of KINGSAT Brooks Li trained new recruits personally. The training content can be broadly divided into three aspects:


I. General introduction about Satellite Communication Industry.


II. Detailed explanation about the KINGSAT products of different series: Maritime VSAT & TVRO & 4G antenna & Microwave Tracking Antenna.


III. Suggestions on changing your mindset quickly and adapting to the work position.



Workshop visit


On the basis of theoretical knowledge, we visited antenna workshop. Through easily understandable explanation by our senior engineer and on-site observations, we had a more comprehensive understanding of the model, function, principle and structure of our products.


Various activities


In addition to the knowledgeable and intriguing lectures, we also held many interesting activities. Let’s take a look at the sparkling performance of these freshmen.


1. Demonstration

2. Share your thoughts

3.  Award ceremony



The two-week induction training for newcomers came to an end. They have learned to be tough, to carry out their beliefs, and to know how to maintain their individuality while reflecting their commonality.

Edited by Lorna&Suzy

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