2022 KINGSAT Annual Ceremony


Sweep ahead full sail


Kick off

On February 10th, 2023, the annual ceremony of KINGSAT kicked off at the headquarter.

This time KINGSAT built a stage within the company, arranged the launching ceremony, commendation, dance and music, games, lottery and other interesting parts. The commendation session was passionate, the show was wonderful, and the lottery part was exciting and climactic.

Heart-warming memories

A heart-warming video evoked memories, and everyone's eyes were full of emotion.

Award presentation 

This time, we have prepared a special award for ten years' contribution. Winners are those who have been working in KINGSAT for more than ten years. They are a great fortune to KINGSAT.

The awarding of the prize is the best recognition of the hard work of KINGSAT guys.

Highlight Moment

At the annual meeting, people from various departments presented wonderful programs, with passion and talent.

Singing, dancing, rapping and other excellent performance.

Followed the actors on stage, the audience kept applauding and cheering.

Lottery Part

For prizes part, we have prepared huge cash prizes, electric cars, camping equipment, sweeping robot and various small household appliances.


Set out for 2023 with courage and optimism.

New journey, new challenges, new future.

Forge ahead, and create brilliance again!


Edited by Lorna&Suzy

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