V Series
75cm Dish Diameter,2 Axis Stabilized and 3-Axis Tracking
75cm Dish Diameter,2 Axis Stabilized and 3-Axis Tracking


75cm Dish Diameter,2 Axis Stabilized and 3-Axis Tracking

-2-Axis Stabilized & 3-Axis Automatic Skew Adjustment
-Powerful Signal Receiving Performance
-Fast Satellite Searching and Positioning
-Excellent Anti-Heavy Sea Tracking Ability by Proprietary Algorithm
-Easy to change target satellite by Editable Satellite Data Library
-Builtin GNSS Module
-Free External Gyro for Searching Satellite 

Dish Diameter 75cm(30'')
Dimension 82 X 86 cm
Weight 32 KG
Technical Specifications
Frequency Ku Band(10.7~12.75GHz)
Minimum EIRP 44dBW
Operating Platform 2-Axis Stabilized+Auto Skew
Polarization Linear or Circular
Elevation Angle 0°~90°
Azimuth Range 690°
Ship Motion Roll±25° Pitch±15° Yaw±8°@6 sec period
Tracking Rate >90°/s
Temperature -30°C~70°C
Humidity 0~95%

Technology & Feature

Proprietary algorithm,advanced mechanical design,embedded GPS and high-sensitive gyro enable always-lock connectivity and worldwide deployment.

Expendable Worldwide Satellite Library. The ACU is installed with Worldwide satellite database and can be easily revised or expended manually.

An integrated GPS antenna allows for the antenna control system to update the GPS data automatically for accurate positioning and faster satellite locking .

2-Axis pedestal design with a 3th Axis of automatic skew adjustment system guarantees optimal antenna performance.

Simple installation and setup design with aesthetic maritime white dome of environment-resistant feature save labor and maintenance costs.

Using self-made LNB and RF processing components, which offers the best reception quality and maxiumum antenna performance.

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