2-Axis KM-P6A
2-Axis KM-P6A
Dish Diameter: 64cm(25'')
Frequency: TX:13.75~14.5GHz RX:10.7~12.75GHz
Antenna Gain: TX:37.2dBi@14.25GHz RX:36dBi@12.5GHz
G/T: 15.0dB/K(Clear Sky,30°Elevation)
Ship's motion: Roll:±20°@8~12sec,Pitch:|±10°|@6~12sec,Yaw:±8°@15~20sec
Stabilization System: 2-Axis
Skew Control: Automatic,0° to 240°
Elevation Range: 0°~95°
Azimuth Range: 0° to 690°
Cross Level Range:
BUC Power: 6W(3W/4W option)
Waterproof: IP56
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